Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Potholes, Obstacles & Detours

If you stay on the road long enough, you're bound to encounter common travel hazards in the form of poor road conditions and obstructions that may result in detours or vehicle damage if not avoided. Many times, such obstacles are noticed with enough time to react while other times they seem to appear out of nowhere.

In addition to the possibility of vehicle damage, the driver suffers as well - sometimes for only the duration of having to contend with the issue at hand and other times, if poor road conditions continue, a buildup of stress and anxiety over what is coming next. And, if the stress continues to build, the evidence and symptoms can even spill over onto passengers and other drivers even to the point of anger with the situation.

Anticipating such an outcome, roadway management and crews set up detours to get you around what lies ahead. Some detours are suggested while others are mandatory. None-the-less, a change in the path you are on can save time, expense, and depending on the hazard, maybe even your life.


Spiritually speaking, this road of life presents each and every one of us similar problems with family, friends, work, etc. - each with their own potholes and obstacles. But there is a better way: God-given detours that can take you off a road filled with stress and dismay onto a much better path.

Because these spiritual detours are not mandatory, the real question is, will you take it? Surprisingly, most will not. Most will believe they can rough-ride it out only to discover they should have exited a long way back. 

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Time to Refuel

I think we can all agree that every vehicle requires a particular type of fuel - even if it's electricity. And, ignoring that basic necessity will prove evident somewhere down the road. In addition, assuming that one type of fuel will work for all vehicles will also yield, let's say, poor results - even the possibility of irreparable damage.

The driver, too, needs similar, but different attention. Periodic fueling (or feeding) ensures continuation of travel along with the benefits of more energy, heightened awareness, and overall better performance.

Spiritually speaking, not only do our bodies need fuel in the form of food, but also the spirit man needs sustenance: The Word of God. Without both, you'll eventually find that traveling down this road of life can become trying, tiring, and even debilitating.


Just like it costs time and resources to properly refuel both vehicle and driver, likewise, it'll take a similar investment to give attention to the body and spirit. However, the return on such an investment far exceeds any effort put into caring for a worldly possession - it's an eternal reward.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Rest Stop Ahead

While on the road, taking time out to rest can be critical and may even be life saving. Continuous, non-stop driving eventually degrades one's attention span, response time, and focus. And, although stopping along the way may allow vehicles under stress to cool down, in reality, the break is actually intended for the driver and accompanying passengers - a moment to decompress, refresh, and take in the scenery before getting back on the road.

Spiritually speaking, our Creator also designed stops for us while traveling down life's highway. We're told in His Word that one day out of seven has been set aside for rest and rejuvenation. And, although our physical bodies do need such a break, the purpose was really for our spirit man - the driving force of our life. We're to take advantage of this opportunity to cast off the cares of the world for a short time, but also to enjoy time with our Heaven Father and one another. Doing otherwise will ultimately result in a buildup of stress, loss of focus, and weakened relationships on all levels.

So, plan now for a stop up ahead and every time they're available. You'll be glad you did!


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Keep a Safe Distance

Following too closely behind another vehicle - even someone you know - can quickly turn into a serious situation. Inexperience, poor decision making by the lead driver, or uncontrollable circumstances can result in injury or even death. Keeping a safe distance allows time to evaluate what’s happening and act to prevent adverse outcomes.

Spiritually speaking, following another believer too closely can also result similarly. Keeping enough spiritual distance allows time for evaluation, discernment, and righteous judgement. Learning from one another is beneficial and scripturally endorsed. However, we’re instructed to rely primarily on the Holy Spirit and God’s Word for instruction and leading. If you’re going to “draft” behind anyone down this road of life, let it be The Lord God Almighty.